Two drunk teens fight in Poso City
Phase One rioting begins
Herman Parimo is arrested
Agfar Patanga is convicted of inciting violence
Boundary Change in Poso
New Governor for Central Sulawesi
Poso Election June 1999
Phase Two riots begin
Police kill three Muslims in crowd
Phase Two Riots continue
Phase Three Riots Begin
Phase Three riots spread outside Poso City
Fighting in Toyado village
Massacre at Sintuwu Lemba
Lateka killed
Indonesian Military and Protestants clash
Mujahidin KOMPAK Arrives in Poso
Jemaah Islamiya sends ten trainers to Poso
Tibo is arrested
First Peace Accord Signed
President Wahid attends peace meeting
Sepe Village Attacked
Militants set up training camps in Pendolo
Communal violence flairs up
Trial and Conviction of Tibo, Riwu, and Da Silva
Central Sulawesi Court upholds Tibo's sentence
Clashes in Kasiguncu
Truck burned and drivers killed
Two men shot to death
Three shot and killed
Six people disappear
Protestants and Muslims clash in Malei
Buyung Katedo killings
Red Troops clash with police and army
Muslim Awad al-Amri appointed as new District Secretary
Laskar Jihad Arrives in Poso
Dean shot and killed
Laskar Jihad and Laskar Mujahidin Clash
Police and Islamic fighters clash in Mapane
Muslims and Protestants clash
Mapane Detainees Released
Supreme Court rejects Tibo's appeal
Protestant Villages Razed
Security Restoration Operation is launched
Military Abducts villagers
Malino Peace Accords Signed
Four Churches Bombed in Palu
Robbery of Balinese villager
Villager shot and killed
Bomb explodes in social welfare office
Bomb explodes on cacao farm
Two people killed in Masani Village
Two bombs explode in Poso City
Bomb explodes in Betania village
Bomb Explodes in Pandajaya Village
Bombing kills four in Tiono Village
Bomb explodes again in Pandajaya Village
Man Knifed to Death in Kayamanya
Pastor's House Bombed
Security Restoration Operation Ends
Civil Servant Shot
Man Shot at Bus Station
Man shot in head while fishing
Shooting and violence in Silanca village
Balinese transmigrants killed
Four men shot in their fields
Bomb explodes under bridge
Two men shot on motorbikes
Bus fired on
Man hacked to death
Attack on Christian village
Temporary houses destroyed
Italian tourist killed on bus
Five killed in attacks on more villages
Masked men attack villages in Morowali district
Villages in Lage subdistrict attacked again
Bible school bombed in Palu
Two bombs in Poso City
Man shot in Lage subdistrict
Man shot and killed in Poso Pesisir subdistrict
Woman shot while bathing
Laskar Jihad disbands
Jemaah Islamiya creates a new subdivision for Poso
Head of local office for Central Bureau for Stastistics killed
Bombs explode in Poso City
Man shot and killed
Men shot outside of pharmacy
Husband and wife attacked
Bomb explodes near church on Christmas
Two people shot and killed
Bomb explodes by police post
Man shot in stomach
Man shot by drunk policeman
Policeman hacked with axe
Teenager shot with homemade weapon
Hasanuddin marries Adnan Arsal's daughter
Two bodies found
Man killed by masked men
Kampopa Village attacked
Timber dealer killed
Bomb explodes at Victoria Cafe
Police officer and teacher shot
Suspected suicide bomber dies
Five injured in bomb blast
Drive by shooting kills one
Tibo's village attacked
Six villages attacked
Bombs cause 500 more to flee their villages
Armed clash between security forces and attackers
Decomposing victim's body found
Police kill three assailants, arrest five
Rumored leader of new attacks is killed
Body of assailant found in forest
Security forces kill militant as he tries to flee
Man shot and killed on the way to his farm
Bomb explodes in bus garage
Police kill suspected attacker
Soldier beaten to death at market
Head of political party shot and killed
Man disappears after stepping off bus
Bomb explodes in Kayamanya neighborhood
Men open fire on village
Bomb explodes during Islamic holiday
Balinese migrants shot and killed
Bomb explodes in central market
Men in church killed
Accident causes angry mob
Residents here gunshots and panic
Two shot in Poso City
Bomb explodes at airstrip
Man beaten to death
Man shot dead in his field
Dean of law faculty at Poso's university shot
Reverend shot and killed
Church fired on
Central Sulawesi Prosecutor shot dead
Motorbike driver hacked to death
Man shot in tree
Policewoman stabbed to death
Female Reverend killed in Palu during service
Suspected killer of Reverend shot, then released
One killed in shooting at village
Another bomb explodes
People outside of church fired on
Village head found beheaded
Another small bomb goes off
Man shot while driving a public transport vehicle
Central Market bombing kills six
Two churches in Palu attacked
Reverends attacked by men with knives
Bombing in Poso City
Another bombing in Poso City
Small bombs explode simultaneously
Bomb explodes near police barracks
Bomb explodes in empty house
Poso gang leader tried for murder of prosecutor
Armed robbery of payroll at office
Two bombs explode at local NGOs
22 killed in bombing in Tentena
Bomb explodes outside campaign office
Suspected informer shot dead
Another suspected informer shot dead
Four injured by bomb at party
Suspected witness is killed
Treasurer shot after withdrawing money
Three schoolgirls beheaded
Ustadz Sahl is arrested
Haris is arrested
Police attempt to arrest Taufiq Bulaga
Hasanuddin is captured in Palu
Tibo , da Silva, and Riwu executed
Angry Protestant villagers kill two Muslims
Bomb explodes outside church, nearly causing fight
Head of Central Sulawesi church killed
Police say Reverend shooting is done by Tanah Runtuh group
President Yudhoyono orders three top police officials to Poso
Police and Tanah Runtuh clash
Four-year-old is shot at funeral
Police annouce six suspects from clash
NGO's demand Brimob to withdraw from Poso
Adnan Arsal calls for jihad on police
Most Wanted List is released
Andi Bocor surrenders to police
Police ask Adnan Arsal to hand over Basri
Leader of Islamic group comes to Poso
Four more on Most Wanted List surrender
Police and Tanah Runtuh clash again
Police and Tanah Runtuh clash, 15 killed
Police release nine suspects
More police are sent to Poso
Nasir Abbas confirms JI presence in Poso
Four policemen are investigated for mistreatment
Protests in Palu for Densus88 to leave
Adnan Arsal asks 17 DPO to surrender
Police release 10 more suspects
Intelligence says men mobilize to get to Poso
Basri and Ardin are caught by police
Aat turns himself in
17 Protestant militants sent to Jakarta
Six DPO are sent to Jakarta
Bomb goes off in Kasiguncu
Another bomb explodes in Kasiguncu
Bomb explodes in Sayo neighborhood
Bomb explodes in Balinese village