Timeline 1998-1999
Two drunk teens fight in Poso City PDF  | Print |  Email

Incident type: Violence

Date: December 24, 1998

Location: Poso City

Actors: Residents of Lombogia neighborhood (majority Protestant) and Kayamanya neighborhood (majority Muslim).

Event: After two drunk youths quarrel, one Protestant of Lombogia, one Muslim of Kayamanya, fighting and looting break out between the communities.

Notes: This event is still disputed and has many different versions of it.

Source: Lorraine Aragon Report, Human Rights Watch Report

Phase One rioting begins PDF  | Print |  Email

Incident Type: Riots

Location: Poso City and surrounding villages.

Actors: Kayamanya youths and Muslim youth from Parigi, Palu and elsewhere; Protestant youth from Poso and Tentena.

Event: Groups attack one another, loot businesses and destroy the homes of prominent figures. Truckloads of out-of-towners are shipped in to join in the violence. Anonymous leaflets urging participants on were widely distributed on both sides. 200 injured.

Source: Lorraine Aragon, Human Rights Watch


Herman Parimo is arrested PDF  | Print |  Email

Incident Type: Legal Proceedings

Date: January 2, 1999 (Arrest date) August 30, 1999 (Trial date)

Location: Poso (Arrest) Palu (Trial)

Actors: Major General Marasabessy and Herman Parimo.

Event: Herman Parimo, a member of the district assembly, is arrested, charged and convicted for leading Pamona (Protestant) youth from Tentena during the riots of December and January. Parimo died while appealing the ruling.

Source: Lorraine Aragon, Human Rights Watch

Agfar Patanga is convicted of inciting violence PDF  | Print |  Email

Incident Type: Legal Proceedings

Date: Unspecified (after June 24, 1999)

Location: Poso

Actors: Afgar Patanga

Event: Patanga, brother of outgoing regent Arief Patanga, is convicted of distributing leaflets inciting Muslims to violence in December '98.

Source: Lorraine Aragon

Boundary Change in Poso PDF  | Print |  Email

Incident Type: Boundary Change

Date: 1999

Location: Sulawesi

Actors: Central and local governments

Event: New boundaries are created. Muslim-majority Gorontalo Province is created, separating Central Sulawesi from Northern Sulawesi. Muslim-majority Morowali Regency is separated from Poso Regency.

Source: Lorraine Aragon

New Governor for Central Sulawesi PDF  | Print |  Email

Incident Type: Leadership change

Date: 1999

Location: Central Sulawesi Province

Actors: Ponulele, Paliudju

Event: Aminuddin Ponulele replaces H.B. Paliudju as governor of Central Sulawesi.

Source: Lorraine Aragon

Poso Election June 1999 PDF  | Print |  Email

Incident Type: Local Elections

Date: June 1999

Location: Poso Regency

Actors: Muin Pusadan, Yahya Patiro and Damsyik Ladjalani

Event: Poso votes for the Golkar party. Muin Pusadan, from Bungku, is installed as the new regent, over Protestant-favorite Patiro and Muslim-favorite, PPP-backed Ladjalani. Muslims threaten violence over perceived snub.

Source: Lorraine Aragon