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Incident Type: Organizational activity

Date: July 2001

Location: Poso

Actors: Laskar Jihad, local authorities

Event: Laskar Jihad, a well-trained, well-armed group of outsiders arrives in the Poso area. Based in Java, Laskar Jihad was set up to fight in the neighboring communal conflict in Ambon. Automatic weapons are introduced into Poso.

Note: The authorities welcomed Laskar Jihad to Poso. Although there was a spike in attacks on Protestant villages at this time, it is unclear if Laskar Jihad were the main actors behind this. Unlike the other militant Islamic groups in Poso, Laskar Jihad had a large public profile, ran a newsletter and website, and was nationalistic. There is strong evidence that they were trained by elements of the Indonesian military and supported by national politicians.

Source: HRW Report