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Spotted Frog Productions (spottedfrogproductions.com) was started in 2006 by Sue Useem. It is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to increasing awareness and education about misunderstood and forgotten conflicts around the world. Through the combination of filmmaking, new media, academic rigor and journalistic integrity, Spotted Frog strives to increase the dialogue on the causes and consequences of violent conflict.

Spotted Frog realizes the important role media plays in the creation, exacerbation, and exploitation of conflicts. Sue has worked closely with members of the communities she films in to understand how the media has affected them. Fifty percent of the proceeds from "Which Way to the War?" will be reinvested into the Poso area to help with the rehabilitation and reconciliation process.

Realizing the important role that media plays in creating conflict-and peace-Spotted Frog is dedicated to highlighting what can be done to make a more just world for those who we would otherwise not know about.


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The Producers and Directors
  • Director/Producer/Writer Sue Useem
    Sue Useem is a freelance videographer, producer, and broadcaster, with clients including Voice of America, Animal Planet, National Geographic, and Geographic Expeditions.  Armed with a degree in philosophy, small camera, and rudimentary understanding of the Indonesian language, Sue took off time from work and went all over Indonesia to see what she could find. After countless interviews with everything from heroin addicts, beach hawkers, Islamic leaders, snake vendors, beggars, earthquake and tsunami victims, professors, students, villagers and plenty others, Sue finally stumbled upon the topic of the Poso conflict by accident. While attempting to do her laundry in remote Flores, Sue heard chanting in the streets and ran out with her camera. What she found was a huge protest against the execution of Fabanius Tibo, Marinus Riwu, and Dominggus Da Silva on September 22, 2006. Taken by the confusing story of Tibo, Sue and Megan went to the astoundingly beautiful area of Poso, Central Sulawesi, to see what they could find. The result is “Which Way to the War?”
  • Director of photography Megan McKearney-Inciardi
    Megan McKearney-Inciardi is a graphic design artist in Berkeley, CA. Megan and Sue met in rural Bihar, India, years before and had learned to operate in difficult conditions together. Megan was quickly taken by the sweet spirit of Indonesians and the countries fantastic beauty and adventure. Although she endured miserable sunburns and food poisoning, Megan was able to capture the stunning beauty of Indonesia, as well as it’s darker side. She continues to travel around the world.
  • Co-Producer Monica Whyte
    Monica Whyte hails from Tampa, Florida. Monica joined Sue in the Sumatra and Aceh legs of the trips to Indonesia where she soon discovered to her horror that there is no food on that island that is not spicy. She is also the assistant sound editor.