Police and Tanah Runtuh clash again PDF  | Print |  Email

Incident Type: Police action

Date: January 11, 2007

Location: Tanah Runtuh, Poso City

Actors: Densus88, Brimob, Tanah Runtuh/JI members, residents

Event: Early in the morning Densus88 and Brimob arrive in Tanah Runtuh. They move immediately to Basri's parents house, but he is not there. In the second house they go to, they find three men on the DPO, Dedi Parsan, Anang Mayetadu aka Papa Enal, and Paiman aka Sarjono, as well as two other men. Dedi is shot and dies on the way to the hospital. Ustadz Rian is shot and killed in disputed circumstances. Large amounts of weapons are seized. All major suspects are still on the loose. Later in the day at a funeral for Rian, a police officer is beaten to death.

Source: ICG Report 2007, eyewitness interviews 2007-2008