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Incident Type: Arrest, police interrogations

Date: February 9, 2006

Location: Tanah Runtuh, Poso

Actors: Police, Ustadz Sahl

Event: Ustadz Sahl from Java, a preacher in Tanah Runtuh, is arrested and brought to Jakarta after police stumble upon evidence linking him to another man in Jemaah Islamiya in the past. Police announce he is suspected of being linked to Noordin Mohammed Top, which causes protests in Poso. Adnan Arsal denies Sahl is connected in any way. After a week Sahl is released and returns to Tanah Runtuh. He claims of abuse and torture from the police. Men in Tanah Runtuh become suspicious he may have given information to the police.

Source: ICG Report 2007