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Incident Type: Violence

Date: October 29, 2005

Location: Poso City

Actors: JI/Tanah Runtuh

Event: As four school girls walk to school early in the morning through a path in the jungle, they are attacked by 6 men wearing black clothes and masks. Yarni Sambue (15), Theresia Morangke (16) and Alfita Paulina (19) are killed at the scene, their bodies left on the path and their heads placed around different parts of Poso with revenge notes left. One girl, Noviana Malewa was attacked and severly cut on the face, but was able to jump off a small cliff and run to safety.

Note: This is one of the most important moments in the Poso conflict because it attracted so much outside attention. It came at a time when Poso was relatively peaceful. What is known now is that it was planned out of Tanah Runtuh by Hasanuddin and his accomplises in the schools of Adnan Arsal. It was intended to be a "present" to the "enemy" for the end of Ramadan, the Muslim fasting month.  These girls were specifically chosen because they were the original Protestant inhabitants of Poso, the ethnic Pamona, which Hasanuddin wanted to target. They were stalked and watched for days before the attack.

Source: ICG Report 2007, Noviana Malewa interview 2008