Masked men attack villages in Morowali district PDF  | Print |  Email

Incident Type: Violence, shooting, burning

Date: August 15, 2002

Location: Mori Atas subdistrict of Morowali district (next to Poso district)

Actors: Jemaah Islamiya and Mujahidin KOMPAK/Kayamanya

Event: Abner Malaka (26) Dimin (40) and Asmono (21) are injured after being attacked between the villages of Taliwan and Peleru in Mori Atas subdistrict, Morowali district. L Pitra (67) and Erik (3) are killed and almost all of the houses in Mayumba village are burned to the ground during an attack by around 50 people wearing black masks and using automatic weapons and bombs.

Note: The Morowali district was originally part of the Poso district, but was separated in 1999. Fabianus Tibo was living in Morowali at the time of his arrest.

Source: ICG Report 2004